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The Sentinel, 006. Brownie Batter *

Title: Comfort Food
Author/Artist: Debbie
Character/Pairing: Jim Ellison/Blair Sandburg
Disclaimer: I do not own The Sentinel or any of the characters; they belong to Pet Fly and Paramount
Prompt Table: Two
Prompt: 006. Brownie Batter*
Rating: PG
Warnings: Implied couple, but no action here.
Word Count: 466

It was a rare day -- Blair Sandburg had the day off from the university and he found himself at home. He would have gone to the police station, but Jim Ellison was going to be in court all day long. He had to testify in a murder case. Jim assured Blair he was all caught up on his reports and that if he did show up at the station, the other detectives would no doubt take advantage of him being there and have him do all of their paperwork. Blair decided to stay home, do some cleaning, and catch up on his reading.

By early afternoon, Blair was bored. He had cleaned the bathroom, the kitchen, the living room and even parts of his own room. The bathroom, kitchen and living room would pass even Jim's anal-retentive cleaning standards. Blair didn't know if Jim's standards were a result of the man's heightened senses or just Jim being Jim, a product of the military and its strict standards.

Blair didn't want to do any more reading because it was putting him asleep. Even though it was anthropology, it wasn't the most interesting topics. Blair did love anthropology, but some of the expeditions and theories he read were out there and very questionable. Of course, if one really wanted to examine his own focus in anthropological study, his subject was out there, being a little hard to believe. However, Jim Ellison proved the premise that Sentinels did exist in modern day society. Blair gave thanks everyday to the set of circumstances that brought him and Jim together.

Blair decided to prepare dinner for him and Jim. Jim would be tired and probably cranky when he got home from being in court all day. It was a combination of inactivity and an overload of stimuli at the courthouse, which usually did Jim in. Without Blair by his side to buffer the added bombardment on Jim's senses, he was forced to control them on his own. It tended to give Jim a headache and cause him to involuntarily tense. Blair suspected Jim would also appreciate a backrub after dinner. Since they had become a couple, Jim loved Blair's backrubs even more.

Blair decided to make comfort food for dinner -- meatloaf and mashed potatoes. He also decided to make chocolate brownies. He had a simple, easy to make recipe and decided to go ahead and make the brownies so they could bake. Jim liked the recipe he used and loved to lick the brownie batter from the bowl. Blair would keep the bowl for Jim and give him an instant treat when he came home. He made sure he had all the ingredients, especially the pecans, which Jim wanted in his brownies. He loved pleasing his Sentinel and partner.
Tags: sentinel: jim ellison/blair sandburg 2
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