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25 Foods

25 Fanworks involving food

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Welcome to 25 Foods!

We’re based off of wonderful challenge communities out there like fanfic100, 30_kisses, and many, many more.

Our layout was made by the talented rainbow_booger @ _premadelayouts

Step One:

Join the community, and then make a post to here to make your claim, and pick a prompt table. Please make sure that your claim as been accepted before posting. Also note that you'll get your tag when your claim is accepted. Make sure you save it someplace. If you want your prompt table linked post here.

Step Two:

Posting a fiction, or fanart format should be like so.

Subject Line should include your claim, prompt number, and title of the fiction/fanart. (i.e. Harry Potter, 008.Butter, Untitled)

Please make sure to post everything behind an LJ-Cut. No matter how long it is, or the content rating.

Step Three:

After you are finished post here, and let me know you are done. You’ll get a shiny banner to put on your userinfo, or wherever you feel like putting it.


We’re a low pressure community, but there are a few things.

- No flaming of other’s work. It’s just rude, and it takes the fun out of the whole concept.
- Any and all pairings are welcome. From yaoi, yuri, het, and incest. Anything you can come up with is fine by me. Just remember to put a warning. Keep an open mind, we're here to have some fun, that's all.
- Fanfiction and Fanart are allowed. Please no icons, or banners.
- Pimping is not allowed in the community unless approved by the mod. The post will be deleted, and if more than two offenses of this rule occur you will be banned from the community.
- All fandoms, pairings, characters are welcome yet again. AU, crossovers, original characters, RPS and whatever your little mind can come up with. Just make sure to look through the FAQ's.
- The themes are yours to interpret, just as long as the food prompt you’ve chosen is mentioned, or shown in the fanwork somewhere.
- Please do include the disclaimer for things that are not your own, and a claimer if you are working on an original.
- Plagiarism is bad. Don’t do it.
- There is a deadline, please do post once every two months. If you can’t then post a request for an extension here. More than likely you will get one. I will purge the list if you have not asked for one, and your claim will be deleted.
- *new* Your fanworks will be archived unless you state otherwise in your Author's Notes.

Archived at 150_comms


Are listed here. If you want to be one comment on the same journal entry where they are listed.

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Your Mod:

Is me, lady_match, if you need to reach me you can either post here, or e-mail me at Rabbie20.sarah@gmail.com.

Banner Maker:

Is inquisitorial.